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Asset Finance Explained

Asset Finance Explained

What is asset finance?

Are you considering growing your business and needing financing to acquire new equipment? Asset finance is a popular option for businesses looking to acquire assets without tying up their capital.

In this article, we will take a deep dive into the world of asset finance, exploring the differences between leasing and loans and how they can benefit your business. Asset finance offers a flexible solution for businesses of all sizes and sectors, allowing them to access the necessary equipment and technology to thrive in a competitive market. Whether you’re a startup needing new machinery or an established company looking to upgrade your vehicles, asset finance can help you achieve your goals. Understanding the ins and outs of asset finance is key to making informed decisions that align with your business objectives.

By exploring the options available, analysing the pros and cons, and considering your specific needs, you can choose the right asset finance solution for your business.

Join us as we demystify asset finance and provide valuable insights to help you make confident and informed decisions for your business’s growth and success.

Types of Asset Finance

Asset finance offers diverse options for businesses. Here’s a quick look:

Chattel Mortgage (Hire Purchase):

Regular payments lead to ownership at the term’s end.


Assets are leased for a set period, offering flexibility to upgrade or return.

Asset Refinancing:

Existing assets secure additional funding for growth.

Choosing the right type depends on business needs and preferences. Each option provides a unique approach to acquiring and managing essential assets, ensuring flexibility and financial adaptability for businesses of all sizes.

How does asset finance work?

Asset finance is a simple solution for businesses to get crucial assets without a big upfront cost. The process has three main steps:

Asset Selection:

Identify needed assets for your business, like machinery or vehicles. Get a quote from a couple of reputable suppliers to compare prices.

Agreement and Funding:

Seek advice from your accountant or tax advisor about the best loan structure for your business. Discuss and agree on terms with the finance provider, covering repayment, interest rates, and duration. The provider then funds the asset purchase.


Business repays the financed amount over an agreed period, using the assets as collateral. Flexible structures can be negotiated to match cash flow.

Asset finance includes hire purchase, leasing, and asset refinancing. Hire purchase means regular payments lead to ownership. Leasing lets businesses use an asset for a set time, with options to upgrade or return. Asset refinancing uses existing assets to secure funding for growth.

This approach gives businesses the flexibility to quickly acquire assets, manage cash flow, and adapt to changing operational needs. It’s beneficial for staying competitive in dynamic industries while saving financial resources for strategic initiatives.

Applying for asset finance

Applying for asset finance involves a streamlined process aimed at providing businesses with swift access to essential assets. Begin by identifying the specific assets required for operations, such as machinery, vehicles, or technology.

Once the assets are determined, businesses agree with the asset finance provider, outlining terms such as repayment structure, interest rates, and financing duration. Documentation requirements typically include details about the business’s financial health, the intended use of the assets, and credit history.

The chosen assets often serve as collateral, simplifying the application process. After submitting the required documents, the finance provider reviews the application, conducting an assessment of the business’s creditworthiness and the viability of the proposed financing. Upon approval, the finance provider funds the acquisition of the chosen assets, enabling businesses to enhance their operations without the burden of a substantial upfront investment.

Is asset finance right for your business?

Deciding if asset finance is right for your business involves evaluating your financial goals and operational needs. It can be suitable if your business needs essential equipment and you do not want to pay a hefty upfront cost. Consider your industry’s need to stay technologically updated. Assess your cash flow and see if spreading asset costs over time would be beneficial.
Check eligibility and specific terms offered by finance providers. If your business is financially stable and can adapt to various repayment structures, asset finance could be a strategic tool for growth and operational efficiency.

Is my business eligible for asset finance?

To know if your business qualifies for asset finance, consider key factors. Providers assess financial health, credit history, and the assets to be financed. If your business has a stable financial position and a positive credit history, it’s likely eligible.

The type of assets also matters, with high-value assets often serving as strong collateral. Check the eligibility criteria set by the provider and provide the necessary documentation. Asset finance is often a suitable option for businesses seeking essential equipment without a hefty upfront investment.

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