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How Private Lenders Work

Private lenders operate differently from traditional banks. Private lending links people or non-institutional groups ready to lend with those who need money. Borrowers can get loans directly from these private lenders. The loans they offer are often made to fit the borrower’s specific situations and needs.

If you are in urgent need of funds but are facing roadblocks with traditional banks, private lenders can help. We are a private lender broker and have partnered with multiple lenders. Our expertise promises to provide you with the quick and flexible financial support you need.

Traditional banks can be slow and not inflexible. Private money lenders step in precisely when you need fast cash. Say goodbye to those long waits and welcome a quick, stress-free funding experience.

So, why wait? You can apply online today!

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Fast and flexible funding with a private lender

The Advantages of Private Lenders

1. Fast Approvals and Quick Turnaround

Private lenders in Australia outpace traditional banks, providing a swift turnaround. This rapid processing is a major advantage for finance broker clients. They gain faster access to funds, enabling them to seize opportunities or address urgent financial needs promptly.

2. Flexible Lending Criteria

Private lenders are more flexible than regular banks. This helps clients with different financial situations or income sources. It’s good for those who can’t meet the strict rules of traditional lenders.

3. Customised Financing Solutions

Private lenders are great at making loans that fit people’s needs. This helps finance brokers create agreements that match what their clients want. They can change terms or set up payment plans to suit clients’ financial goals. This flexibility allows brokers to offer solutions that work well for their clients.

4. Private Lenders No Credit Check

Unlike regular banks, private lenders in Australia focus more on the value of collateral than credit scores. This benefits clients with not-so-great credit. Finance brokers can help people having difficulty getting loans from traditional banks. Some private lenders do not require a credit check.

5. Private Loans with Bad Credit

We’ve worked with borrowers who had credit issues, and we believe bad credit shouldn’t limit business funding. Many private lenders are willing to negotiate, even if you have poor credit, mortgage arrears, or tax debts.

If there’s equity in a property, a bad credit history won’t stop you from getting a loan.

Private Lenders - personlised solutions to suit your situation

Finding Private Lenders in Australia

Many Private Lenders are operating in Australia. They range from individual investors to companies who specialise in this type of funding.  Private lenders offer different terms & conditions, interest rates, and approval criteria. 

The best way to compare private lenders is to use a Business Finance Broker.  Empire Finance is a specialist when it comes to private loans and can guide you in finding the most suitable lender. Applying is easy, and approval is quick. Our goal is to get you the funds you need without any unnecessary delays.

Private lender terms are often more flexible, providing terms and conditions that beat the banks and other traditional lenders. Enjoy financing tailored precisely to your needs.

Furthermore, private money lenders operate beyond conventional banking rules, granting us the freedom to be creative in structuring loan agreements. This flexibility ensures you receive personalised solutions that perfectly align with your situation. 

How to get a Private Loan

Most private lenders provide funds for short-term business purposes.  The application is usually much quicker than with a traditional lender, including the option to apply online

The criteria required to apply for private lending can vary among lenders, but commonly, they consider the following factors:

1. Loan Purpose

Clearly stating the purpose of the loan is important. Whether it’s for business expansion, purchases, cash flow, or other needs, private lenders want to know how the funds will be used.  

2. Security Available

One of the most important factors is what security is being offered, and how much equity is available. Your equity is determined by the lender’s property valuation, less the balance of any loans already secured by the property.

3. Communication and Transparency

Open communication and transparency about your financial situation are crucial. Discussing any challenges or unique circumstances with the lender can help tailor the loan to your specific needs.

While these are common criteria, the specifics can vary. It’s advisable to talk to a Finance Broker who can discuss your application with potential lenders.

4. Exit strategy

An exit strategy is how the borrower intends to repay the loan. Here are some suitable exit strategies that private lenders may find appealing:

  • sale of property or other assets.
  • refinance the loan with a traditional mortgage or another form of financing once their financial situation improves. This can be a viable exit strategy, especially for short-term loans. 
  • demonstrating a strategy for revenue growth and increased profitability. This could involve expanding operations, acquiring new clients, or implementing cost-saving measures.
  • sale of a property that is going to be developed.

Case Study: Property Developer Sucess Story

Property development using private lenders
Fix-and-flip project with a Private Lender
The Project

A property developer needed quick money for a fix-and-flip project. Traditional banks were too slow, risking a good investment chance. Private lenders stepped in to help.

Private lending was fast. They looked at the property and the developer’s history, skipping a long credit review. The loan focused on the property’s value, not the developer’s credit score. The flexibility of private lending made the deal quick and simple.


The result?

The private lending fix was speedy. They checked the property’s potential and the developer’s history, avoiding a lengthy credit review. The loan focused on the property’s value, not the developer’s credit score. Private lending’s flexibility made the deal fast and easy.

Real estate developers are increasingly turning to private lenders. These lenders offer customised and efficient financing, emerging as a viable alternative to traditional mortgages for property funding.


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